Why you should consider using a cricket simulator for training

Lots of batsmen find typical net sessions frustrating. When training with their clubs there is usually several problems. For example, the quality of deliveries from bowlers can be erratic and the time allowed at the crease is limited. This can lead to a lack of quality practice which is needed to improve your game. On the other hand, training with a cricket simulator is a way to make sure you have the best chance of developing your batting skills.

Quality of bowling:

A key problem with a normal net session as a batsman is that you are reliant upon the quality of the bowlers. To improve your game, you must face deliveries that test your batting ability. Unfortunately, this happens rarely with the majority of net sessions. It is common for bowlers to either have a poor attitude to practice or just not have the ability to test your batting. There is nothing worse than the limited time you get in the net being wasted by wide balls that you won’t hit.


However, this can be overcome by training with a cricket simulator. Simulators allow full control over line and length. This gives a batsman peace of mind that all deliveries will pitch perfectly to where they are set. Furthermore, if a batsman has a weakness; such as facing swing bowling this can be practised efficiently when using a simulator. All deliveries can be set to have in or outswing, so a batsman has the best opportunity possible to work on their technique and improve their game. Batsman won’t get this opportunity in net sessions where bowlers struggle to swing the ball with consistency and pace. Therefore, if a batsman wants to improve their game they should consider using a cricket simulator; to ensure a high quality of bowling against them.


More practice opportunities:

Another benefit of having a simulator available is the flexibility it gives you with your time. In the modern-day world, it feels like there is less free time now than ever before, therefore what you do with this time is crucial. If you are serious about your cricket training and want to make it to the top, then you need to find a way to practice more than the competition. However, it is sometimes impossible to get this extra practice as a batsman because you require bowlers to be available and willing to practise with you. But this is changing, simulators can be used individually so whenever you are free you can put the hours into mastering your batting, to become the player you dream of.



Video Replays:

Cricket simulators also offer you the chance to video yourself batting. With simulator installations at BATFAST, there is the option of a mounted camera with 1080p resolution. This means you can watch yourself back through HD video replays to get a better look at your technique. Therefore you can easily identify weaknesses, then train to correct them. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to gain this footage in a normal net session as you would require a designated cameraman. Whereas with a simulator the camera can be mounted on the machine. This allows individual practice which means whenever you have the time to play you can be filmed. Thus using a simulator with a camera installed is an easy way to spot weaknesses in your batting technique, to help you improve.


In summary, cricket simulators can help to improve the quality of practice and the amount of practice you get as a batsman. The quality improves as deliveries don’t have any human error like normal net sessions. And the amount of practice increases as a batsman can train individually rather than needing to find bowlers willing to train with them. Therefore if you are looking to take your batting to the next level you should consider using a cricket simulator for training.

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