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Batters have a limited amount of time in practice. Each ball/pitch matters. A BatFast simulator delivers hundreds of balls in 30 minutes, using complex algorithms and intelligence to personalise each ball with precision.  Regardless of whether you are a coach, player or parent, BatFast will help you make each ball count.  Book a consultation call today to discuss your questions.

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For the thrill of the hit

Well-designed hardware

Automated ball throwing machines with built-in precision and intelligence deliver a significantly higher degree of personalization and efficiency. A real sports field experience inside the most accessible locations, including your own home.

Augmented reality experience

Where the physical and virtual worlds meet. Our technology blends the rush of hitting a ball in the real world with immersive real-time computer graphics making the experience as real as possible



Simple and Responsive Experience

Our software and hardware work together to make the entire system snappier. BatFast powers up seamlessly.  Important functionality like player registrations and parental controls are easier to access and faster to utilise.  And the variety of game modes mean each players training sessions can be adapted within seconds.

In Depth Player Analysis

With over 100 million data points, BatFast Stats platform is more than just data storage. It generates data visualisations, player reports and historical data analysis at your fingertips.  The data is accurate and trustworthy allowing for accurate insights and critical decisions

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