Q&A with Head of Events at BATFAST – Jack Roddick

The nature of BATFAST cricket events has changed considerably since 2015 when we first started. I recently held a question and answer session with the current head of events at BATFAST, Jack Roddick, to find out more about this exciting journey.

Question: Tell me about yourself?


Answer: I am a graduate of Loughborough University and have worked for BATFAST for two years. I have been involved in the events business for around seven years.


Question: How have the BATFAST events changed over the last few years?


Answer: When we first began our events were focused on assessing our product’s potential. They acted as market research for us. From this, we found that there was a gap in the market for the products and services we offer. The number of events we do has also changed. In 2016 we only had five paid events. Last year this increased to forty-five, and over the course of this summer, we should complete just over a hundred!


Question: What is your favourite part of doing events with BATFAST?


Answer: Every job is different, different venues and different people always keep it interesting. The ability to help promote participation in sport through technology is particularly rewarding.


Question: What type of events do we currently offer?


Answer: As the simulator is so versatile we offer a whole range of events, anything from schools, charities, communities, professional clubs, international fixtures, shopping centres, birthday parties, town centres.


Question: What is the most unusual event that someone has inquired about?


Answer: There was one on an island in the River Thames!


Question: Looking forward how do you see BATFAST events changing in the future?


Answer: Our vision as a company is to increase participation across all sports not just cricket which is something I am very passionate about. As a team, we have moved into baseball and are hoping to start tennis in the near future. The prospects of this alongside cricket is very exciting.

BATFAST Head of Events Jack Roddick

For a list of our future events, this summer click here.

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