About BatFast


Building Communities

Our core products are accessible to everyone, whoever you are and whatever your background or ability. We strive to bring cricket to the masses and we’ll do this by being the best we can.


To offer the best service means working as efficiently as we can, this means we can be leaner and fitter so we can provide the best for our customers.


Giving good service means being open and honest about the business, how we work or how we behave. We operate at the highest level of integrity.


Working collaboratively and not in isolation, sharing ideas and bringing diversity of talents together will help us grow the business together.

Customer Service

Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. By focusing on the customer we want to offer them the best possible experience.


Thrill-a-minute cricket simulation sparked into action following a phone call two childhood friends had when venting about the obstacles they faced trying to play cricket as they grew older. They both agreed – there must be a way around this.

Several days later; the start of a beautiful innings… challenges were put to paper,
ideas were brainstormed, and a solution was born. BatFast.

During our innings wickets have fallen, several runs have been scored and litres of coffee have been consumed, all to provide people with the unquenchable feeling of the trill of the hit. But we are not done. We’re on a relentless pursuit to achieve our singled minded vision, to increase participation in the most beautiful game of all – cricket.

The Team

Runish Gudhka

CEO & Co-Founder

Jignesh Patel

Co-Founder & CTO

Moshi Amin

Head of Retail

Suraj Varsani

Product and Systems Engineer

Alex Matthews

Software Developer

William Wedgwood

International Sales

Jack Roddick

Commercial Manager – Events

Joseph Tolson

UK Commercial Manager

Jason Smith

Marketing Manager

The Board

Ron Goddard

Commercial Advisor

David Page


Jemima Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

Pratap Rama

Technology Advisor