Competitive Socialising

Technology-enabled activities combined with high-quality food and beverage are amongst the fastest-growing trends in the hospitality & leisure industry. BatFast partners with leading hospitality and leisure operators to develop the most desirable sports-based competitive socialising/eatertainment experiences. Book a consultation call today to discuss your ideas.

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For the thrill of the hit

Case Study – Sixes Cricket

Sixes Social Cricket, is the first cricket-themed Competitive Socialising (Eatertainment) concept. It offers friends, families and colleagues prime locations to have fun and show off their skills with cricket experience powered by Batfast cricket simulators, whilst enjoying a great selection of cocktails and wide array of food. Backed by Competitive Socialising (Eatertainment) royalty, Sixes already have 13 venues with more in the pipeline.  Visit them and play for yourself.

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Case Study – Sluggers Baseball

FOUNDED IN JULY 2021, Sluggers includes multiple BatFast-powered batting cages plus a menu of craft cocktails and mouth-watering Latin fusion street food. A competitive socialising experience like never before, Sluggers is the spot for a night of Insta-bragtastic batting bliss, bringing you pitching machines that can be be adapted for every level of batter.

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