At BATFAST, we have a straightforward philosophy: the relentless pursuit of both engagement and performance. The engineering we employ while pursuing this goal is similarly single-minded.

At BATFAST, we represent the skills, passion and pride of the people that sacrifice their limited time and spend their hard earned money to keep being involved in any capacity in sport.

At BATFAST, we thrive to ensure that technology not only appeals to our minds – but also our hearts. With innovative engineering that is designed to inspire we have set out to revolutionize the sport and make it more fun and engaging than it already is.



BATFAST as an idea was conceived over a phone conversation between two friends in winter 2011,  discussing how challenging it was getting to play cricket as they grew older, and wondering what they could do to make it better.

And hence it started. Several days later, the challenges were put to paper, ideas were brainstormed and a solution was born.

From then on, it has been a fabulous journey, that has included hours of work, constant failures and litres of coffee to allow BATFAST to become into a business that stands for the numerous cricket fans and enthusiasts.