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PLAY: Sports Participation made fun

Augmented reality experience

Where the physical and virtual worlds meet. Our technology blends the rush of hitting a ball in the real world with immersive real-time computer graphics and video gaming.

Inclusive technology

A truly inclusive sports experience. Our algorithm calibrates difficulty levels to make for an even playing field in groups of mixed abilities.

Precision engineered hardware

Our sports simulators contain an automated ball-throwing machines with built-in precision and intelligence deliver a significantly higher degree of personalization and efficiency. A real sports field experience inside the most accessible locations, including your own home.

COMPETE: Sports participation made engaging

Patented scoring system

Patented impact sensing technology dials the competition up a notch by allowing players to score points by hitting the targets.

Live leaderboards and tournaments

Live leaderboards bring out everyone’s competitive side as players stack themselves against thousands of others in real-time. Players can sign-up to leagues and tournaments and play as a team in live playoffs.


Our technology encourages an online community of over 180,000 people to flourish. Players can check their form with instant camera replay, and share recordings with friends on social media.

IMPROVE: Sports Technology to deliver data-driven training

Motion and ball-tracking analysis

Video replay and ball-tracking allow players to spot room for improvement. Analysing how they perform against different ball speeds, lengths, spin, swing, and more.

Detailed data collection

With over 100 million data points, our machine learning tailors the sports training experience to challenge athletes on specific areas most in need of improvement.

AI-driven coaching and insights

Data on the player, the bat/racket, and the ball itself are summarised to deliver AI-driven insights in the form of personalised one-to-one coaching