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Optimise your net time

Batters have a limited amount of time in the nets. Every ball counts and every minute matters. With a BatFast simulator you can play 100 balls in a 30 minute session, against an intelligent cricket simulator, delivering each ball with precision and allowing players to be able to devote more time to other areas of development. If you are a coach or a player, BatFast will help you to get the best out of yourself.

Membership Options

With two types of memberships, discover the offer that suits your game the best.

BatFast Standard Membership

50% off all your bookings
£12 per month
Suited for anyone that will train 2 to 7 times per month

BatFast Gold Membership

Max 15 sessions per month
£60 per month
Suited for anyone that will train 8 to 15 times per month

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300 ball feeder

Who wants to reload balls every 5 overs? With our 300 ball feeder, you will be sure to maximise your time in the lane facing deliveries and not picking up balls all the time.

Touch Enabled Game Play

Our simulators are controlled with a tablet providing you more direct and easy control of your game or training session. Set it to 100 mph or 20 mph with a click.

Scoring and Data

Score every shot, play match situations and analyse your wagon wheels. You can do this by yourself or with a coach, friend or mentor.


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