There is nothing more stressful than coming up with a party theme for a birthday.  Should I do it at home, would it be easier at location?  Should I bag the party idea and buy a gift instead.  Whatever the question you are asking yourself, don’t forget to ask the most important one.  What does my child want to do for their birthday?? For the most part kids will want to have fun.  And we all know how much fun sports is.  Most kids like sports and enjoy the competition, making a sports themed party a classic choice for a birthday.

Here we showcase a great cricket themed party for your kids:


A BATFAST Cricket Simulator


Kids will get to face their icons on the BATFAST cricket simulator and get to complete very engaging and fun challenges. Moreover, BATFAST automatically takes videos of every player which is great to give back to the guests at your kid’s birthday.  Moreover BATFAST has a fully trained team of operators who will take complete control of the event running various challenges and competitions through the day that will keep all the kids entertained and engaged.


Hire BATFAST's Custom made cricket batting cage that is great for events

Hire BATFAST’s Custom made cricket batting cage that is great for events.  It is completely portable and can be set up inside an hour.  Moreover, the cage is monumental in size and makes kids feel like they are having a massive birthday.  BATFAST rents their simulator across England thus no location is far.


Sports Halls or Leisure Centres

Sports Halls

A full-size, multi-purpose Sports Hall is fitted out for everything from heated flooring, great lighting and various sports markings. School Sports Hall are available for hire the general public, every day of the year. Between 6 pm and 10 pm on weekdays (between 9 am and 10 pm on school holidays) and between 9 am and 10 pm during weekends.


Cricket Themed Cake (Speaks for itself doesn’t it).  A party that your child will never forget.


These five recipes from Yorkshire Tea’s Great Cricket Tea Challenge 2014 are perfect for a tasty tea break. The two teams competing were Slaughter United Cricket Club – an all-ladies cricket team from the Cotswolds and Springhill Cricket Club – a confident team of cooks with a creative streak. Take a look at their delicious afternoon tea-style recipes, including Spicy Lamb LollipopsYorkshire Puddings with Fillet of BeefSlaughter’s Summer Fruit Tarts,  The Ploughman’s Tower

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