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What springs to mind when you hear this word? Some recall images of high-tech Silicon Valley offices and endless lines of code on multiple monitors. At BatFast, we imagine something different… a group of colleges working (and laughing!) together, in an industrial estate situated in Nottingham city centre, aiming to revolutionize the beautiful game, cricket. We are striving to “put bats in the hands” of people all over world, democratizing cricket for all to enjoy and appreciate. Innovation is the core of how we’re going to achieve this.

BatFast boasts the most high-tech, heart pumping and engaging machine on the market. With the capabilities to set; speed, length, pan, swing and spin, we are unique in the sports simulation world. However, this has not always been the case. Let’s cast our minds back to 2015 where Jignesh Patel (Co-Founder) was working away in his garage to prototype our first simulator, the B1. The B1 was an excellent machine with the ability to set length, speed and swing… but we wanted to go further, we wanted to innovate!

Enter the B2! Our second-generation machine, now with the added capability of pan. Pan enabled us to change the angle of the delivery, making the machine accessible to right- and left-handed players at the push of a button. Also, giving us the option to set angled deliveries. Our machine now had the same capabilities of Stuart Broad (albeit Stuart Broad can’t bowl at 110mph)!

But something was missing… spin. How could we get people playing cricket without one of the greatest batting challenges in the game? It was time to innovate, and innovate we did! After months of hard work, our genius tech team unveiled BatFast’s 3rd generation simulator, the B2S. The world’s most technical (but easy to use) cricket simulator was born. Do you fancy facing Shane Warnes ‘Ball of the Century’?

The BatFast machine has come a long way since its dusty beginnings, being constantly improved to reflect BatFast’s long term goals; to increase cricket participation worldwide. Innovation is the only way we are going to achieve our goals, and innovation is the only thing that could’ve started us on this journey. Who knows where it will take us? But one thing is for sure, we won’t stand still.


 B1                                                  B2                                         B2s

B1 Bowling Machine B2 Bowling MachineB2S Bowling Machine


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