BatFast has announced a rebrand to become The Sports Simulator Company. This move is because we want to increase participation in all sports, not just cricket. As a result, we have launched PitchLine This is an innovative baseball simulator aiming to get more people in the UK playing baseball. PitchLine will sit alongside Batfast as sub-brands for The Sports Simulator Company. There are also plans to target further sports in the future.

How PitchLine works:

The simulators feature a selection of game modes for both entertainment and training purposes, in which a fully customisable pitcher will be shown on a giant screen. Users can face up to 6 pitches per minute. Our simulators also offer an autonomous experience, the speed and direction of the pitches can be modified using a smartphone or tablet which is connected to the simulator via WiFi. This makes it suitable for all users, which is vital as we want everyone to enjoy playing sport. User needs are also met by the option to use soft or hard balls. Pitchline simulators also offer HD instant replay, ball tracking and session data technology with the aim of helping users improve their skills as they play.



Development of the simulator:

The simulator has been in development for over a year and utilises some of the core technology used in the BatFast cricket simulator. Sports Simulator Company co-founder Runish Gudkha comments: “We have meticulously designed and engineered the baseball simulator to provide an experience unlike any other available on the market. The timeless research and consultation with experts in the sport has allowed us to build on the fundamental technology that we have developed and build an accurate representation of what it would be like to face baseball pitches of varying speed, height and direction. We’re excited at being able to deliver an immersive baseball experience suitable for both events and performance training.”


Testing at Sluggers:

The technology for PitchLine has been tested at Sluggers through one of our clients Social Fun and Games Club. SLUGGERS is in its second year as London’s only rooftop batting cage experience. It has proved to be a consistently popular attraction for Social Fun and Games Club in Stratford.



Sluggers batting cages 


Check out the baseball simulator in action here 


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