Frequently Asked Questions

What does BATFAST provide?

1 × Video bowling machine
Soft Cricket Machine Balls
Cricket bats
Video Replay Camera
Gazebo Structure
Control Station
Batting Mat
2 × BatFast team members

How much space will I need?

BatFast caters for customers with varying needs. Our simulators come in 3 different sizes. The specifications are:
10m(l) × 5m(w) × 4m(h)
15m(l) × 5m(w) × 4m(h)
20m(l) × 5m(w) × 4m(h)

What do I need to provide?

We require a single 13A UK 3 pin power source from you. If there is no power source nearby, we can provide a generator that will provide the necessary power for the cricket simulators.

What are the Health and Safety Risks?

Safety is of paramount importance at BatFast. All of the BatFast team have been given full training on the set up and operation of the simulators. The BatFast team have full control of the experience from start to finish.

We also provide all the necessary equipment to ensure full protection against the balls we use.

We provide the option of soft balls which are specially designed to eliminate serious injuries, so if the ball hits a player it will ping them for a few seconds, but will not cause any serious bodily harm.

How long is the set up and take down time?

Set up time – 90 mins
Take down time – 60 mins
We do not include these times in our quotes. Thus a 6 hour experience will be approximately 9 hours in total.

How many people can use the machine in one hour?

Up to 30 people in one hour depending on the game mode your event chooses.

How will I get the Instant Replays, and videos shot during the event?

We will turn over individual videos in 5 working days.

Can children play on the simulator?

Our simulators can be used by anyone above 4 years old.

Who can play on the simulator?

Our simulators can be used by anyone above 4 years old. Cricket is a unisex sport and attracting women into cricket is one of our primary goals. So please don’t worry, women get addicted to our simulators even faster than men.

Can beginners who have never played on the simulator?

Yes. It is a great tool to start playing cricket as it is a lot of fun, and you can see how you progress with every ball you face.

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