We all know how challenging finances can be at our teams be it at schools, cricket clubs or counties. This is why we sincerely hope that BATFAST’s cricket simulators will be appealing to help motivate team members and fans and galvanize the community to ensure that they maximize the benefits an open day, fund raising events and important cricket matches can bring to their team and its finances.



Our cricket simulator is a definite crowd puller for not just your event but also possibly the cricket club before, during and after the event.


With great content generated for each user, first time users are guaranteed to get hooked to the sport, often becoming members of the cricket club


With revenue share options and local sponsorship assets our simulators can help generate much needed funding for your cricket team



‚ÄúBatfast attended our open day and proved a great success from the youngest members of the school to the eldest.. A great facility and great fun testing your batting prowess. Well worth the investment to have them attend and would love to have you back next season‚ÄĚ.
Chairman – Spalding Town Cricket Club


VIDEO Cricket Simulator

Unlike a bowling machine, BATFAST cricket simulators allow you to experience the real experience of being an International Batsmen! Our precise technology times the ball release exactly in-sync with the bowling actions of the cricketers you are facing on the screen.  Cameras Flashing, crowds cheering and opposition sledging, we provide the complete package.  The features of our simulators:

  • Deliver speeds of up to 70 mph
  • Can be used with Soft Ball or Hard Ball
  • Bowls In Swing or Out Swing
  • Bowls Leg spin or Off Spin
  • 5 International Bowlers Simulated
  • Touch Screen Enabled Control Unit
  • Sound System for stadium sounds
  • Sponsors Interview Area for Pre-match interviews




The BATFAST experience combines competition with entertainment. Batsman will hit balls at up to five different targets. These targets are strategically placed inside the net lanes to replicate the cricket gaps in a field. For instance, the gaps between point and cover, cover and mid-off, mid-off and mid on and so on. Based on your expertise, these targets differ. The ways to get out are caught behind, stumped, bowled or lbw, with the spectators using the live camera feed as a mechanism to make umpiring decisions, just like the DRS system.


Our high frames per second cameras are strategically positioned to allow to you watch instant replays, making you feel like an international batsman in the middle of a full house stadium of spectators. Moreover, up to 6 cameras ensure that we do not miss any angle whilst reliving your experience. These can later be edited to form a small innings highlight reel in order to be shared with friends and family. We also provide the added feature of live broadcasting onto social media which allows your event to be shared online instantaneously.


The BATFAST experience is designed to provide the batsman with the feel of an international cricket match. Thus with the feeling of playing the World's best bowlers, we have created the ambiance of an international stadium on powerful 400-watt speaker system. We also provide three microphones that enable other users to either commentate, or sledge the batsman adding to the experience.



Bedford River Festival BATFAST Cricket Simulator
Hampshire County Cricket Club BATFAST cricket Simulator


‚ÄúI didn‚Äôt know cricket will be here today as it is a BIRTHDAY PARTY. I love the guys and crazy experience at BATFAST, and was much more fun than tag rugby‚ÄĚ
QUOTE FROM 10 year old user

‚ÄúI was quite overwhelmed by the whole experience. The simulation had some element of adrenaline rush in it. I felt as if I was in a stadium and the crowd was cheering me on. After playing once I wanted to keep playing. Excellent concept and would love to play again‚ÄĚ
QUOTE FROM 29 year old lady

‚ÄúThe boys managing the BATFAST simulator were fantastic and everyone loved it. My son at least had ten goes denting the wallet further haha. Definite value for money‚ÄĚ
QUOTE FROM father of user



We provide a high quality experience from the day you call us to enquire.  Our friendly team will understand your requirements and provide you the best advise for the use of the simulator. From then on we will maintain communication to finalize logistics for the event.  On the day we will arrive with 2 trained BATFAST operators two hours prior to the first guest and set up the simulator.  Following this we will provide great service throughout the event to compliment our already unique product.  Following the event we will ask you for feedback, share the events success on social media, write a blog post and EMAIL EVERY USER WITH THEIR MUCH AWAITED VIDEOS.


Option A
Free for all users
2 BATFAST Operators
Portable Batting Cage (15m)*
Automated Bowling Machine
1 Camera Angle Replays
Free transport up to 120 miles of LE11. £1.80 for every extra mile
Option B
£2 per over (Users to pay)
2 BATFAST Operators
Portable Batting Cage (15m)*
Automated Bowling Machine
1 Camera Angle Replays
Free transport up to 120 miles of LE11. £1.80 for every extra mile
Option C
£4 per over (Users to pay)
2 BATFAST Operators
Portable Batting Cage (15m)*
Automated Bowling Machine
1 Camera Angle Replays
Free transport up to 120 miles of LE11. £1.80 for every extra mile

* Portable batting cages in 15m x 4m x 4m (lwh)

*Game Time excludes 90 mins standard set-up and 60 mins standard take down time

*Prices indicated above do not include pricing for sponsorship or advertising, and are not applicable for our team building package.

*Prices indicated above do not include venue hire costs. It is up to the client to organize the logistics and pricing of the venue they wish to hire.


1 power source
15x3 metres space
Flat well rolled surface
Van Access


We provide the following accessories free of charge:

Cricket Bowling Machine Balls
Necessary Cricket kit (bats, pads, gloves, helmet)
2 BATFAST Team Members
Generators (if no power source available)

We provide the following extras at a additional charge:

Free Transport for up to 120 miles from LE11, £1.80 for every extra mile.


What does BATFAST provide?

  • 1 x Video bowling machine
  • 100 x Balls
  • 5 x Cricket bats
  • 5 x Gloves
  • 3 x Camera
  • 4 x Inflatable cricket cage
  • 1 x Control Station
  • 1 x Batting Mat
  • 4 x Fans to Inflate (Power required, Generator compatible if required)
  • 2 x Batfast Team member

How much space will I need?

BATFAST caters for customers with varying needs. Our simulators come in 3 different sizes. The specifications are:

  • 10m(l) x 5m(w) x 4m(h)
  • 15m(l) x 5m(w) x 4m(h)
  • 20m(l) x 5m(w) x 4m(h)

What do I need to provide?

We will require a power source from you.  If there is no power source in close proximity, BATFAST will be able to provide two extra generators that will provide the necessary power for the inflatable batting cages and the cricket simulators.

What are the Health and Safety Risks?

Safety is of paramount importance at BATFAST. All of the BATFAST team have been given full training on the set up and operation of the simulators. The BATFAST Team have full control of the experience from start to finish.

We also provide all the necessary equipment to ensure full protection against the balls we use.

We provide the option of soft balls which are specially designed to eliminate serious injuries.  Hence if the ball hits a player, it will ping them for a few seconds, but will not cause any serious bodily harm.

How long is the set up time and Take down Time?

Set up time ‚Äď 90 mins

Take down time ‚Äď 60 mins

We do not include these times in our quotes. Thus a 6 hour experience will be approximately 9 hours in total.

How many people can use the machine in one hour?

Up to 30 people in one hour depending on the game mode your event chooses.

How will I get the Instant Replays, and videos shot during the event?

Yes.  You can place an order with the team on the day, and we will turn over individual videos as well as a small movie in 5 working days.

Can children play on the simulator?

Our simulators can be used by anyone above 4 years old.

Who can play on the simulator?

Our simulators can be used by anyone above 4 years old.

For all you ladies РCricket is a unisex sport, and attracting women into cricket is one of our primary goals.  So please don’t worry, women actually get addicted to our simulators faster than men.

Can beginners who have never played on the simulator?

Yes.  It is a great tool to start playing cricket as it is a lot of fun, and you can see how you progress with every ball you face

How much does it cost

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