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Our fastest-growing proposition, BatFast Shot is perfectly suited for you if you’re looking for an innovative offer at your FEC, Theme Park, Holiday Resort, or Social Entertainment Venues. With four globally renowned sports to choose from, BatFast Shot prides itself on its Inclusivity, versatility, and most of all competitive fun! 

At its core, BatFast shot offers a sporting experience where the physical meets digital, with the rush of hitting a ball in reality combined with immersive computer graphics, flashing scoring targets, and video gaming. Friends and family become part of BatFast’s global community and compete to score points, not only with each other but with other players past, present, and future through immersive digital leaderboards!

Stand Out Features 

Inclusivity and personalisation: BatFast’s technology uses algorithms based on each user’s data to create a personal profile. Based on this profile the gameplay gets adapted enabling all players to play at levels representative of their ability. Whether players are 4 or 104, anyone and everyone can have fun. 

Competitive fun: Using data collected from testing through tens of thousands of users, there are multiple scoring zones consciously positioned within the cage for optimum playing experience with an equal balance of challenge, fun, and ease.  Each target scores a different value and this changes with each sport keeping the experience fresh and exciting.

Accessibility and reach: A variety of sports attracts a wider market. By increasing the number of sports you have available the more likely you are to attract people to your venue to play BatFast. Remember it does not just sports players but sports fans who will want to come and try it too… the size of your TAM, SAM, and SOM just got a whole lot bigger!

Benefits to decision-makers

Attracting net new customers: BatFast Shot provides an instagrammable proposition for any entertainment business. As a new and exciting product with a multigenerational reach, BatFast provides operators with a unique opportunity to bring in a diverse range of customers. From kids parties to families to adolescent and adult groups, even stags and hens.

Revenue growth: BatFast Shot products can generate up to $10K per month from game revenue only through simple marketing initiatives.  Additionally, due to the social nature of the activity, group sizes are typically between 4 – 8 people and bookings can be 30 mins to 90 mins thus increasing dwell time and spending on other items such as food and beverage. 

Seamless interface and operation: Designed in the UK, BatFast prides itself on its automation and ease of use by consumers, thus reducing the labor overhead required to operate systems. Health and safety are prioritized. Moreover, no technicians are required on site and we are tirelessly working on delivering tools to empower our customers and their teams to be confident in maintaining and troubleshooting the systems.

Why customers will love it.

Personalised experience: By capturing player data BatFast is able to create player profiles and match the experience to each individual. Age, gender, and skill level are all accounted for ensuring no matter your ability, all players can have a positive experience. Through automated personalization, the experience is seamless and results in close, engaging matches even for those with mixed abilities. Player profiles are a great way to keep your guests engaged and often increase retention too.

Community and social experience: BatFast Shot is all about having fun. The experience can be played in groups of 2-10 and is a great activity to play with friends, colleagues, and at parties. The versatility offered by the experience means every user has a favorite sport that they can excel in which makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.  For some, it may be smashing a pitch out of the ballpark and yet for others, it may be hitting a perfect return to a serve. Varied experience: With BatFast shot, players get the opportunity to play 4 sports in the same location. Providing the consumer with a range of different activities increases the chance of participation and enjoyment with an increased number of players. Increasing the enjoyment of players also means they are much more likely to come back again.

Important Considerations for your purchase

Lead times: BatFast lead times are a minimum of 12 weeks plus shipping and installation. All items are sourced in the UK.

International shipping: Customers are responsible for organising the shipping of equipment. BatFast will provide you with the dimensions and ensure the order is ready for collection from our warehouse by an agreed date. Customers will need to leave for 1-4 weeks for shipping depending on location and whether you wish to sea or air freight.

Standardization: BatFast propositions have been carefully and consciously tested and standardized in terms of hardware, software, design, calibration, and configuration. We advise you to use our suggested configurations as these are optimum for each experience. Any deviation from standard propositions is possible but is likely to increase lead times and incur additional development costs.

Staff training and implementation: This is a key part of the installation process, you need to make sure all of your management attends training and as many support staff as possible too. Businesses that succeed the most are the ones that execute the best. Those who have the most receptive staff and the best attitude to equipment training will always see an improved execution.

Licensing Restrictions: Please note that the sports on offer will be subject to existing BatFast licensing requirements. 

Typical Customer Profile: 

  • 1-3 BatFast Lanes per venue
  • Businesses with other activities and attractions
  • Family Entertainment Centres, Amusement Parks, Social Gaming Venues, Sports Bars and Hotels and Holiday Resorts.

Some examples of installations 

Haven Holidays

  • Type – Family Holiday Resort
  • Need
    • Need to provide a continuous array of new activities that guests will enjoy and remember.  
    • Increase dwell time in resorts and spend per head 
  • Total number of installations – 5
  • Number of installations per site – 1
  • Live – March 2022
  • Location – All over the UK

Level X by Lane 7

  • Type – Multi Activity Bar
  • Need – 
    • Differentiate offering from conventional bowling centers
    • Increase spend per head
    • Need to provide new exciting experiences for guests
  • Total number of installations – 3
  • Number of installations per site – 1 – 2
  • Live – May 2022
  • Location – All Over UK


  • Type – Multi Activity On Premise Sports Bar
  • Need – 
    • Need to provide top-of-the-range immersive guest experiences for families and adults
    • Build enterprise value for an eventual exit
    • Capitalize on growing need for immersive experiences
  • Total number of installations – 1
  • Number of installations per site – 3
  • Live – Oct 2022
  • Location – Sydney NSW

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