BatFast CEO Runish Gudkha on winning a Global Sports Technology Award

On Thursday, the 12th of May, BatFast were presented with the award for ‘Best Technology in Sports Participation and Fitness’ at the Global Sports Technology Awards ceremony in London.

My memory of the Ceremony

I went into the ceremony very proud just to be nominated. We were in a strong category and the other nominees could easily have won. So, when our name was announced as the winner, I couldn’t hold back my emotions and I was overjoyed. Possibly more than I expected of myself and by a distance the best memory I’ve had during my business career. It’s safe to say that the remainder of the evening was a positive blur! 

To those who helped us achieve this award

My immediate thoughts go to the talented and dedicated team that we work with every day, who I am very grateful for. And to Jignesh, my co-founder whose passion, talent, and work ethic inspires me everyday. 

To our amazing advisory group and investors who have counseled us through start-up and scale-up challenges, including Brexit and most significantly COVID-19 which required us to rethink our business completely.  

I’d also like to give special thanks to all our amazing customers, partners, and champions who are all innovators in their own industries respectfully. Many of them have taken enormous leaps of faith in becoming first movers. 

Past winners include; Cricket Australia Pitchero, Clubspark, and the BBC Get Inspired program. The impact they have had on sport is instrumental, so to be in the same company as them is incredibly gratifying. Moreover, some of the companies present at the awards are so inspiring and we aspire to emulate them. It is humbling to be regarded in the same light as them.  

What made this award extra special is how it aligns with our business mission – to rethink how sports are participated in and how we can make it easier for more people to play sports through our technology and innovation. 

To receive the award from England’s World Cup winning captain was the cherry on the cake. Eoin Morgan stands for so much that we also believe in – diversity, teamwork, and innovation. His story from playing Associate Cricket to winning the World Cup resonates with me personally, as it’s the same background I come from in my cricket career. 

It was the perfect award, presented by the perfect person at a perfect time for our journey. 

Where BatFast wants to be in 5 years

We didn’t set out to win awards when we started, but when we received this award, it gives us an affirmation: It means that people appreciate what we do. That motivates us to push harder in achieving our mission to use technology to increase global participation in sports. We look forward to sharing more success stories and great moments with you all. 

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