BatFast launches exciting Baseball proposition ahead of entry to the USA

BatFast is back in the USA this year for the IAAPA Expo 2021 in Orlando. Since our last visit to the IAAPA Expo in 2019, we are proud to share our growth through the testing times of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We return to the USA with the aim to drive participation in sports using our unique technology along with the right partners. With three sports on offer at BatFast, we aim to cement strong partnerships in the USA with a particular focus on providing unique sports experiences for Baseball fans across the country. Here’s a preview into what BatFast’s baseball offering is all about!

In the last two years, BatFast has partnered with two industry leaders in the competitive socialising space in the UK. Our partners Sluggers and Sixes Cricket Club offer fantastic Food and Beverages alongside a world-class sports experience that is powered by BatFast.

Sluggers Baseball 

Sluggers is the first mover for a baseball experience in the UK and has launched 2 sites in London with more coming in 2022!  The Sluggers concept has been built around automated gameplay to create an immersive experience for players. 

Sluggers can also manage their business effectively with in-depth usage reports. They have already hosted over 17,000 players and pitched nearly a million balls. 

Sixes Social Cricket 

Since launching in January 2021, Sixes has opened three venues with a fourth to follow this year. They are aiming to open 40 venues over the next 5 years.

The concept offers Round Robin Gameplay to keep all the players fully engaged, a number of unique game modes, making use of impact scoring targets and sensors. Players receive post-game statistics and a place on a global leaderboard.

We are proud to work with Sixes, who are doing such a good job in increasing sports participation, which is at the core of what we want to achieve. Since opening Sixes have already delivered over 1 million balls to its customers. 

We are excited for what’s in store for all sport lovers in the USA and look forward to bringing the ‘Thrill of the Hit’ to the States.


BatFast is a world-class sports technology business providing inclusive experiences to the global sports and entertainment industry. BatFast is at the cutting edge of the democratisation of sport, engaging and exciting everyone through unforgettable shared physical and digital experiences.

BatFast enables multiple sports to be brought to life. Within seconds, cricket can switch to baseball with dynamic graphics and live scoring, personalized to suit all ages and abilities. From absolute beginner to seasoned pro, BatFast’s proprietary technology enables social competition or one-to-one training. It’s goodbye to sport being played at specialist facilities and hello to flexible venues and competitive socializing. 

We actively work with our B2B partners to help deliver an adrenalin-pumping experience for their consumers. With our relentless pursuit to innovate and build like-minded communities around the world, join us on a revolution to find sporting excellence, building tribes, capturing data, enabling individuals to play and businesses to succeed.

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