172,000 deliveries – our Summer of Cricket in numbers

The Summer of Cricket, 2019. We know what happened on the field, but away from the cameras, over 17,000 BatFasters notched nearly 1,500 hours at 255 UK events, hitting over 172,000 balls.

Now cricket season’s over, we’ve just about caught our breath.

While millions were captivated by first the World Cup then the Ashes, BatFast were out meeting the tribe and connecting people at all ages and stages to cricket.

Nearly half of the summer’s 17,263 BatFasters were under 16, which is massively encouraging for the game. Young and not-so-young alike fought the butterflies and stepped out of their comfort zones to experience cricket, many for the very first time.

To pick out a few highlights, BatFast partnered with NatWest at all Ashes tests, meeting cricket legends past and present. We welcomed new BatFasters to the tribe over a 14-day mega event at Paddington Basin, thanks to British Land. And there was extra adrenaline, thrills and flutters at Silverstone, as we set up shop for the British Grand Prix.

BatFast’s Commercial Manager, Jack Roddick, said:  “Working on the ground, visiting villages, towns and cities all over the UK not only provides the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people but also provides a new experience to people who may not necessarily have the means to enjoy such technology on a regular basis. I would like to thank the entire events team for their tireless efforts, we will continually strive to bring cricket to the masses. “

The season might be finished, but we’re not. Timeless BatFast tech means anyone can step up and experience the summer’s most poignant cricket moments over and over. There’s new installations at TenPin centres in Luton, York and Gloucester and many more new arrivals to come.

Meanwhile, BatFast will continue going out and meeting our tribe, giving those who haven’t yet fallen in love with cricket every chance to do so.

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