BatFast is launching its unique cricket simulator technology at three TenPin bowing sites. A trio of centres at Luton, Gloucester and York will host the BatFast simulators. TenPin will hand over significant space in order to showcase BatFast’s uniquely immersive cricket technology – and to capitalise on the Nottingham startup’s mammoth success during the recent cricket World Cup. 

Over the six-week World Cup, thousands of participants stepped into BatFast cricket simulators at 100 events, including at Middlesex CCC, Lords Cricket Ground and at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix. A key activation at Paddington Basin drew several thousand keen batters of all ages and stages.

As many as 80,000 balls were bowled to first timers and seasoned pros alike, giving a total of 10,000 batters the chance to experience thrill-a-minute entertainment – and the unquenchable joy of hitting a ball.

A further draw for current and future, old and new cricket fans at TenPin is the fact that the BatFast simulator can recreate and deliver note-perfect replicas of any iconic cricket delivery. 

BatFast Head of Partnerships, Moshi Amin, said: “The partnership with TenPin means putting cricket where people can access it, and experience the entertainment and the thrills of the game. We simply can’t wait to further increase cricket’s footprint and TenPin has been a fantastic supporter of us and our mission. Over six weeks of World Cup events, we saw a ferocious appetite for cricket – and BatFast has the power to unlock the game for anyone.”

BatFast’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jemima Bird, commented, “There is a huge appetite for cricket, but access to facilities and cost are barriers putting would-be fans and players off. 

BatFast changes all that. The technology is intuitive: anyone from any background can plug-and-play and take on their friends. The fact that the gameplay never goes out of date means players can forever face-off against the most iconic and up-to-the-minute moments. It’s set to be another exciting few months of cricket – at the grounds and down at the local TenPin.”

Notes to Editor

Jemima Bird is available for comment and interview, please contact 

For more information about BatFast, please visit our homepage.

About BatFast

BatFast was founded by childhood friends Runish Gudhka and Jignesh Patel. Combining their love of cricket with their technological skills and knowledge, the young entrepreneurs won University College London’s prestigious Bright Ideas Award and a grant to develop the first BatFast prototype. 

Developed in Jignesh’s garage, the prototype was completed in 2015 and since then the pair have both left demanding jobs – Runish in the City and Jignesh as a hybridization technologist – to promote and sell BatFast simulators around the world. 

The company has recently agreed partnerships with two premier kitmakers: Newbery hand-crafted cricket bats, and the world’s most-used helmet – Masuri. 

To-date, BatFast has delivered nearly 1.5 million balls on five continents, enabling hundreds of thousands of people to experience the thrill of the hit.

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