Five differences between Simulators and Bowling Machines

Since their introduction, bowling machines have assisted amateur and professional sportspersons with their training. Bowling machines have reduced human effort in coaching while pushing towards highly efficient training sessions. Taking technology a step further, the introduction of BatFast’s simulators has widened the boundaries in sports training and coaching. Read along if you’ve ever wondered how simulators could change the landscape of sport.

An enhanced experience

BatFast’s sports simulators are designed to have a brain of their own. Coaches and players could simply use the simulator to produce any delivery of their liking. The line, length, variation, speed, bounce can all be tailored to the user’s liking. On the contrary, bowling machines often tend to produce a limited variation.

The introduction of automation

While bowling machines have largely reduced human effort, it still requires two users to operate it. BatFast has taken a step ahead by requiring only a single user to operate the simulator. With just the press of a button, the user can tailor his/her experience to their liking. Right from setting up a training session to tailoring each ball to the batter’s liking, everyone can be done using a simple remotely connected device like your iPad or mobile phone. Training has never been easier!

Personalization at its best

A key feature of BatFast’s simulator is the personalization of each experience. The simulator is designed to store each user’s performance data.

With the use of artificial intelligence, the BatFast simulator not only assists the player but also the coaches by storing data from every single delivery faced. This helps with a detailed evaluation of each training session.


Better feedback from coaches

By eliminating the need for a second person, coaches are unburdened from their duty to answer to the needs of a machine. Coaches can position themselves very close to the players adding valuable human input to the data that the simulator provides. Hence, this allows coaches to focus on important aspects of the batsman’s game closely, i.e., footwork, balance, technique etc.

Sport simulators: A peek into the future

The most important feature of BatFast is the ability to update software and keep up with the times. All BatFast simulators can be connected to the cloud and receive any software fixes and updates remotely. This also allows for seamless data storage and reduces the burden of having to physically move the BatFast simulator for any fixes. Overall, it’s a leap ahead in the way the world plays sport. To put it simply, simulators are always going to keep up with the best of technology in sport.

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