The Game Fair 2017

BatFast is glad to have been part of The Game Fair 2017 for the second year running. Warwickshire were the hosts of the even that saw people turn up in large numbers. As always, the event was a great celebration of the beautiful British countryside.

The Event

Our partners, the Lord’s Taverners deserve a special mention for their support during with our presence at the event.

With the ability to adjust variations for each delivery, everyone had a brilliant time on the simulator. From experts to amateurs to people who have never picked up a cricket bat, everyone seemed to enjoy their experience.

Many were left addicted to the cricket simulator with our loyalty card scheme making sure the customers got their value for money.

We were thrilled to have you try the BATFAST Cricket simulator. We also hope you all enjoyed it thoroughly and would be keen on trying it out again. The simulator will be brought along to many other events around the country this summer.  Please invite your friends along see who can be the best amongst yourselves.

Your Videos from Game Fair 2017

You can now watch your videos from Game Fair 2017 at the bottom of the blog.  Be sure to download them and share them on social media with your friends and family (using the #BATFASTCC) if you feel were any good :).

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”58″]

As mentioned on the day, we rent our cricket simulators for corporate entertainmentcricket team events like open days or fan zones, and birthday parties too.  Please feel free to forward our details to anyone you may feel is interested as well or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch directly.

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