BatFast at Durham’s Women and Girls Sports festival

On the 23rd July 2017, BatFast travelled to Durham to be a part of the Women and Girls Sport Festival. The event was held by Durham CCC and aimed to promote women in sport.

The unpredictable English weather hit us at Durham, despite which people turned up in large numbers. The event fell on the same day as the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup final – in what was a weekend of Women’s sport.

The BatFast cricket simulator:

The BatFast simulator was one of the many attractions of the day. Quite a few women of different age groups had a go on the simulator, despite the hit and miss kind of weather.

With the ability to adjust the ball’s speed from a low of 30mph to 75mph, alter the line, length and the swing of the ball as well, everybody was given chance to experience cricket like never before.

We are very pleased with everyone’s positive feedback and glad you all had a great day. We are also grateful to have been a part of such an incredible event that brought joy to the faces of many and will help to increase womens’ participation in sport.

Videos from the event:
[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”53″]

Attached to the blog is the video footage from the event, waiting to be shared with your friends and family. We had a wonderful time setting the simulator up for you and hope you had a good experience on our simulator. We also hope that you would like to have a go on our simulator once again, soon.

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