A Cricket simulator is perfect for your bar or pub – here’s why!

Today’s world is defined by it’s quest for entrepreneurial success. Innovation has reached heights that it had never before and technology has been complementing this quest. The leisure and entertainment industry’s importance is felt more than ever before thanks to the high demand for entertainment in people’s lives.

This is where the sharp minds of entrepreneurs come to use with people finding new ways to entertain and engage others, everyday. However, the most traditional and common leisure activity is an evening of socialising at the local bar or pub. Owning a pub might be meticulous but if done right, is one of the most rewarding experience, even financially.

Indoor Sport and Pubs – A match made in heaven: 

Traditionally, pubs are a place where people can unwind after work and socialise while they catch a bit of sport. Pubs historically have a lot of indoor sport to engage the public ranging from foosball tables to ping pong tables and pool tables. Bars and pubs built to support bowling alleys have proven to be popular for over centuries now.

As times change, technology advances and leads to new ideas an opportunity. The sport of cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, but could never be compact enough to fit into a bar. However, with the BATFAST cricket simulator, that is about to change. Cricket has never been so compact, mobile and accessible before. Are you thinking of a neighbourhood bar? Maybe we could assist you and convince you to make that a cricket themed one.

Cricket’s Attempt to adapt to technology:

People rely on technology to a great extent in todays world. Technology amazes us leaving your mind to ponder whether anything is really impossible for the human race. The smart entrepreneurs always adapt to the latest technology and a cricket simulator such as BATFAST’s is a revolutionary step in technology.

A cricket simulator is not only rare in pubs; it is also a miniature version of one of the three most watched sports in the world. It is easy to set a hoop indoors for Basketball lovers, a foosball table for football fans and mini-golf for those who enjoy golf, but, cricket was never able to adapt to a miniature version for leisure.

The simulators are cricket’s answer to social entertainment. A cricket simulator, like that of BATFAST is easy to set up and is accessible to all.

BatFast’s Cricket simulator:

BATFAST’s cricket simulator is perfect for a bar. With modes to cater to the diverse skill sets of the customers, you could engage everyone with some great cricket. The best part of the simulator is rainproof, something that traditional cricket wishes it was.

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With the BATFAST simulator, you can adjust the speeds, varying from 30mph to 90mph, length and even swing. This means that you could give the experience and international cricketer gets on the field, to your customers, at their convenience while their friends and family watch them sipping their drinks. The scoring of BATFAST’s simulator is also adjusted to the player’s ability and hence allows a very customized approach.

Viewers can also pick up a mike and commentate as they watch their mate play on the simulator while replays are also available – which gives you the chance to admire your own shots. The balls used by the machine are soft balls, while it is also hard ball compatible. All in all, the machine is perfect for a great social setting in pubs, bars and cafes.

Cricket and Alcohol – a potent partnership:

Out of all the sports in the world, cricket is one of the highest consumer of alcoholic beverages from fans and players. It is a sport that has traditionally been associated with a pint after the game, with a pint during a game. This is especially common in countries like England, Australia and the Caribbean.

A Cricket Themed pub:

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A cricket themed bar could also prove to be a masterstroke into expanding the customer base for a neighbourhood bar. Cricket is the most popular sport in South Asia. With a large number of migrants in the Western world from South Asian countries, it is a great opportunity to extend your customer base as a bar to include a very diverse range of consumers.

This would only go on add to the ambience of and experience of an evening at the bar. Cricket is hence a major sport for bars to consider as a part of their entertainment zones and BatFast’s cricket simulators are the perfect product to for a sport/cricket themed pub/bar.



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