Planning a cricket themed corporate event with the BATFAST cricket simulator

Planning a corporate event could be a very meticulous and tiring task. Various aspects like the size of the organization, the occasion, the type of event etc., affect the planning process of a corporate event.

Often, a corporate event is a celebration among team members of an organization which also serves as an occasion for the employees to bond. Some music, a meal and a few drinks are part of all corporate events, contributing to a great social atmosphere.

Organizations are always looking for ideas to involve and engage all employees at corporate events and have recently been inclining towards incorporating sport in corporate events.

There are various reasons why including sport in your corporate event is a perfect idea. For starters, the principal values that sport teaches us are that of teamwork, determination and hard work – values that can be transferred to any workplace.

Keeping in mind the varied needs of an organization during a corporate event, here is an activity that will help you plan a great corporate event with a sport theme:

Activity: Cricket on the BatFast Cricket simulator  

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world with a rich culture and tradition to it. Not only is it a sport that is easy to play, it also has a certain aura of class and elegance. The audience of cricket is extremely diverse and so are the professional players ranging from all colours, ages, sizes and nationalities. Certainly, cricket is perfect game to involve everyone.

What is the BatFast Cricket simulator?

In a quest to make cricket desirable to everyone – whoever and wherever they are, BatFast offers an experience that no real game of cricket can achieve – an all weather-proof experience.

With an automated bowling machine that can be adjusted for speed, line and length BatFast’s cricket simulator can make you experience the game just like a professional cricket would. The various game modes add to the excitement of playing the sport.

Cricket at your corporate event:

There are a number of ways you can engage people in cricket with the BatFast simulator. Employees can be divided into teams and face some of the best bowlers in the world. Users can try their hand on various modes. They can try hold onto their wicket on the survival mode or recreate the shots of some of the best cricketers in our innovate mode.

Teams can be put under various situations that a cricket team often finds itself and navigate through, putting their patience to test. These are traits that are desirable for all employees and cricket is the perfect way to build such traits. Besides, this is a perfect way to promote good health and the importance of fitness.

The ease at which cricket can be played puts it ahead of other sports for a corporate event. Playing cricket on the BatFast simulator requires no additional equipment. Users can play in any attire – tuxedos to dresses and loafers to heels.

Additionally, BatFast’s fully trained team of operators can help in the control of the event, running various challenges and competitions through the event that will keep everyone engaged and entertained.


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