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BatFast is glad to have renewed their partnership with Lashings All Stars for the second year in a row. The All-Stars travel around England playing cricket games against various teams during the summer in an attempt to promote cricket and increase participation in the sport.

BatFast Cricket simulators:

We’ve travelled all over the country taking the Cricket Simulator with us to the All-Stars events. By making cricket accessible to everyone, we aim to increase participation in cricket as well.

We hope you have all had an awesome summer. It seems like we all enjoyed ourselves a bit more this year thanks to the Sun finally coming out and keeping the rain at bay. It has been a pleasure meeting everyone through this journey with the All Stars. We are inspired to carry on increasing cricket participation throughout the country.

Tino Best Clean Bowled

Some stats of ourselves, we have had over 900 players on the simulator last year at All-Stars events. The number has only been increasing at the events this year with many enthusiastic, budding cricketers challenging our machine.


Still hungry for Cricket?

As each day passes, we are one step closer to the cooler days, and that means the indoor cricket season. If you are looking for better training or know of someone who could do with a decent net session, we are available for hire to take you to the next level!

Someone looking for a party? BatFast are here to help. Take the stress away of organising, we have a great team who are ready for you. Corporate events are also our speciality. So if you really want to smash a cricket ball at your boss, here is your opportunity! Get in touch with us at

(Please note we are not condoning or supporting the idea of aiming at your boss)

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How to find your video

So we have put a long list of everyone’s videos. Here you will find a heading with the All Stars event you attended with dates of the event too. Under the event will be a scroll of videos with each video having a BatFast ID number. Your number will be the number which we sent to you in your emails.


16th June 2017 – The Bournemouth Invitational XI vs Lashings All Stars

The 202 runs put on board by the star-studded All Stars team proved to be too much to chase own for the home team on the day. Read more about the game here.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”34″]


18th June 2017 – Crowborough CC vs Lashings All Stars

While the All Stars only posted 164 on the board, Crowborough CC was bowled out for 144 runs by a stunning bowling effort. Read more about the game here.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”40″]


25th June 2017 – Merchant Taylor’s School vs Lashings All Stars

A dynamic performance by the Merchant Taylors 1st XI bowlers restricted the  All-Stars to a total of below 170, but it still proved to be too much as the All-Stars won by 20 runs. Read more about the game here.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”35″]


28th June 2017 – House of Commons and Lords XI vs Lashings All Stars

This was a game that was organised to raise funds for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, earlier in the month. On a day where rain threatened to play spoilsport, humanity was the winner where money was raised for a good cause.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”41″]


30th June 2017 – Dartford CC vs Lashings All Stars

The All Stars continued their winning run at Dartford in a game where Shivnarine Chanderpaul made his first appearance for the team.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”42″]

5th July 2017 – Copdock and Old Ipswichian Cricket Club vs Lashings All Stars

The Lashings all Stars continued their incredible winning streak with another win in Ipswich.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”45″]

6th July 2017 – Charterhouse School vs Lashings All Stars

Charterhouse School in Guildford hosted Lashings All Stars for two games on the day with the All Stars picking up wins in both their games to extend their unbeaten run.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”46″]

13th July 2017 – Greenmount CC vs Lashings All Stars

The All stars proved to be too good for the home team as they cruised to a 30 run victory over Greenmount CC.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”47″]

18th July 2017 – Hadleigh & Thundersley CC vs Lashings All Stars 

Another victory for the All Stars who continued their fantastic winning run this season.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”48″]

 20th August 2017 – Potternecc CC vs Lashings All Stars

The home team had bowled our the All stars for a total of 132 before tea. However, rain played spoilsport as the game was abandoned due to the weather.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”68″]

25th August 2017 – Broxbourne CC vs Lashings All Stars

Lashings picked up a win by 77 runs over the home team thanks to George Worker’s 82 of just 34 balls. Monty Paenesar, John Embury, Fidel Edwards and Razzaq were among the wickets for Lashings.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”72″]

1st September 2017 – Dalton CC vs Lashings All Stars

The all-stars continued their winning run into September. Here are you BatFast cricket challenge videos from the game.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”74″]

8th September 2017 – Addingham CC vs Lashings All Stars

Yet another win for the All-Stars in their penultimate game of the summer. Your videos from the BatFast cricket challenge are attached below.

[fwduvp preset_id=”8″ playlist_id=”77″]

We will update this page with videos from the events to follow soon, so stay tuned!

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