Spalding Town CC Cricket Team Event

Despite the heavy rains on Saturday night, the groundsmen made sure everything was in place for Sunday’s Spalding Town Cricket Club open day. The open day was held to raise funds for the club. The day began with the under 9’s and 11’s having a training session followed by simultaneous cricket matches being played on the massive ground. With parents coming in numbers to support their young stars as well as enjoy the plenty of activities such as the bouncing castles and our BatFast cricket simulator definitely made their day worth a while.

Collage of a few getting in on the action

Freddie Scores 22 off 1 Over in the Simulator

It was amazing to see how competitive the young sportsmen were, as they engaged in the cricket simulator full of energy hoping to beat the challenge. With Freddie scoring the 2nd best all time score at our simulator boasting an incredible 22 runs off one over when taking on the whack about challenge! He was truly magnificent with the bat and hope to see him beat his record once again in our next meet.

We were really happy to help the club raise funds and it was great to see a lot of our youth getting engaged in this sport. We had many first timers who had never played cricket before giving it a go! Our goal is to get more people engaged in this sport and there is definitely a lot of potential in the youth.

Engaging the crowd

Commentating is always fun listening to when watching a cricket match! And with our latest feature, we allow everyone to get engaged with our cricket simulator. Even those a distance away can hear the cheers of great shots and encouraging words that come from the young lads supporting their buddies which shows great spirit of team work.

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