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As our first year in partnership with Lashings All-Stars comes to an end it’s time for a debrief of the season. We’ve travelled all over the country taking the Cricket Simulator with us. From Weston-super-Mare at the start of the season, over to Brighton, and all the way up to Boston, to name just  few of the great cricket clubs we have been too. But theres always been one thing in common. The Lashings All-stars go on unbeaten.


We hope you have all had an awesome summer. It seems like we all enjoyed ourselves a bit more this year thanks to the Sun finally coming out and keeping the rain at bay every Saturday (nearly). Its been a pleasure meeting you all and we are inspired to carry on increasing cricket participation throughout the country.

 THE STATS- Zhuwao sets Lashings Record

A few stats to start us off. The Superstars are currently unbeaten this year. The highest innings score was 334-6 against Downend at the start of June. A fantastic innings for Lashings All-stars, who had a memorable first wicket partnership where Kirk Edwards (141) and Wasim Jaffer (130) batted incredibly enjoying a 274 run stand before Edwards was finally caught. Although, not until he had smashed 12 sixes and 13 fours around the ground. 141 runs was a huge achievement, but Edwards then followed up a couple of weeks later with 151*  against Imperial Blue finance, we thought it was the best innings of the season.

But it was not to be, Cephas Zhuwao excited fans at the Town Malling T20 festival, scoring a mighty score of 166 which included whacking 16 sixes and 10 fours. We also had the pleasure of enjoying Monty Panesar’s company as he made his Lashings debut at Bingham Cricket club.


Tino Best Clean Bowled


Some stats of ourselves, we have had over 900 players on the simulator this year at Lashing events. The lashings guys have enjoyed playing on the simulator as well, and at other events, Andrew Strauss, Simon Jones, and Gary Kirsten have joined in the fun taking on the Speed and Swing.



Its nearly time for winter when everyone goes back to the indoor cricket season. If you are looking for better training or know of someone who could do with a decent net session. We are available for hire to take you to the next level!

Someone looking for a party? BatFast are here to help. Take the stress away of organising, we have a great team who are ready for you. Corporate events are also our speciality. So if you really want to smash a cricket ball at your boss, here is your opportunity! Get in touch with us at

(Please note we are not condoning or supporting the idea of aiming at your boss)


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How to find your video

So we have put a long list of everyones videos. Here you will find a heading with the Lashings event you attended with information of the scores on the day too. Under the event will be a scroll of videos with each video having a BatFast ID number. Your number will be the number which we sent to you in your emails.


1st May 2016 – Weston-super-Mare 114/9 – 212/4 Lashings All-Stars

27th May 2016 – Bingham CC 94/8 – 221/3 Lashings All-Stars

29th May 2016 – Staplegrove CC 123/10 – 221/6 Lashings All-Stars

3rd June 2016 – Downend CC 280/7 – 334/6 Lashings All-Stars

23rd June 2016 – High Sheriff’s XI play abandoned – 111/2 Lashings All-Stars

30th June 2016 – Imperial Blue Finance 132/9 – 278/0 Lashings All-Stars


1st July 2016 – Leigh Academy Trust 198/6 – 226 Lashings All-Stars


3rd July 2016 – Wellington School vs Lashings All-Stars

13th July 2016 – Earlswood CC 85/10 – 189/5 Lashings All-Stars

15th July 2016 – Croston CC vs Lashings All-Stars

19th July 2016 – Hadley & Thundersely vs Lashings All-Stars

22nd July 2016 – Amersham CC 154 – 159 Lashings All-Stars


28th July 2016 – Hornchurch CC 162/8 – 242/2 Lashings All-Stars

29th July 2016 – Boston CC 128/4 – 168/4 Lashings All-Stars

5th August 2016 – Cleethorpes CC 158 – 193/6 Lashings All-Stars

10th August 2016 – Worthing CC 100/10 – 221/3 Lashings All-Stars

24th August 2016 – Horsham CC 112/8 – 156/6 Lashings All-Stars

26th August 2016 – Letchworth Garden City CC 163/7 – 217/1 Lashings All-Stars

House of commons – Lashings All-Stars tournament Winners


2nd September 2016 – Burridge CC 105/10 – 209/4 Lashings All-Stars

4th September 2016 – Thursley CC vs Lashings All-Stars

9th September 2016 – Broxborne CC vs Lashings All-Stars


9th September 2016 – Bexhill CC vs Lashings All-Stars


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