Vitality SportFest 2016

Dear BatFasters,

You were unbelievable at the Vitality SportFest 2016! Where to begin, seeing the likes of Matthew Hoggard, Simon Jones and Andrew Strauss at the event already gives away how much fun the event must have been.

To sum up what SportFest is, it is when families and sports professionals come together to share world-class sports coaching, have fun in competitions, camp out, listen to good music and enjoy great food. This year’s turnout was an outstanding 2,000 people.

It is not an event only for children, but helps parents to see their childrens’ potential in sports and allows them to have personal training sessions, health sessions as well as plenty of fun filled family activities. There were other famous sporting stars at the venue that included Annabel Croft, Will Greenwood, John Barnes among others who definitely lifted the event to a whole new level.

Having the ex-cricketers give training through the cricket simulator is definitely great feedback for us. It is really great to see how much potential our youth has and with events such as the Sportfest, it allows them to get the extra help they need to take their game to the next level.

We would like to thank Vitality for organising such a successful event and we hope to be part of such an amazing event in the future. Let us know how we can improve by filling this small survey, your feedback will help us give you an even better experience at our next event with you. Your videos are ready below, just follow the steps sent in the e-mail you were sent and you should be able to share them in no time.

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