The Game Fair 2016

This was our first ever visit to The Game Fair and we were left star struck. Definitely one of the biggest venues we have held our cricket simulator. The game fair boasted a record breaking crowd of approximately 107,000 people as they witnessed shooting, fishing and engaged in loads of shopping which was complimented by great weather throughout the weekend.

We would like to thank The Lord’s Taverners for giving us an opportunity to visit such an enormous event. They are a charity organisation that support the disadvantaged and the less fortunate, by giving them a sporting chance. We would also like to thank our sponsors Seven Investment Management (7IM) for their support throughout the event by providing free goodies to our entertained crowd as they participated in our cricket filled atmosphere.

It was great to witness people taking on the whack about challenge even though they had never held a cricket bat before. Many were left addicted to the cricket simulator with our loyalty card scheme making sure the customers got their value for money.

We are really excited to let you know that our top scorer for the weekend on the whack about mode was David who scored 18 runs in one over. Although it was beaten by one of our very own Michael from 7IM who scored a tremendous 22 runs off one over. They were gifted with a wrist band, T-shirt and a cricket bat pin badge “the Golden Bat” all courtesy of the Lord’s Taverners.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 18.28.01
Goodies for the Day courtesy of Lord’s taverners and 7IM

There is one more thing to be excited about, your videos are now ready to be downloaded and shared in full force. Just follow the simple steps sent in the e-mail and apply them below. Hope you enjoy them and cannot wait to see you all have a go at it once again and beat your high scores.

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