Continental 24hr Thunder Run

Batfast at the 24hr Continental Thunder Run 2016

We’re aiming to make our presence wherever possible. And this was a great opportunity for us test a different market altogether. This event was a 24 hour running marathon, that could be ran in teams or as individuals. It took place  throughout the night with runners running through the woods in flood lights.

The continental 24hr run attracted a total 6000 campers and runners over the 2 days.

We had a great response from the campers as came on to cheer their friends and family who were taking part in the run as well as giving a go at the BatFast Cricket Simulator. We were lucky enough to have the simulator located right at the start/ finish line. It was great seeing people who have never held a cricket bat going in for the challenge. The crowd was brilliant.


The videos for all the people who batted on the cricket simulator are ready to be viewed below. Don’t forget to share them on social media so your friends and family can know all the fun you had. Feel free to give us your feedback by filling this survey to help us improve our product.

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