All Star Cricket at The Lord’s

On Saturday, the 2nd of July, our cricket simulator we were part of a charity cricket match held by Lady Taverners and Centre Point at the Lord’s Cricket ground (aka Home of Cricket). The All Star cricket match was being challenged for the Petterson trophy that was won by Centre Point the previous year.

The star studded line up helping the Lord’s Taverners included the likes of TV personality Chris Tarrant, actor like Stephan Mangan, presenter Jonnie Irwin, former Chelsea footballers David Lee and Gareth Hall among many others. While the Centrepoint XI included former England cricketer Saj Mahmood, comedian Andy Zaltzman and James Bond actor Colin Salmon

All Star Cricket at The Lord's With a BatFast Cricket Simulator


With the BatFast Simulator being one of the key attractions of the day. The fans were not disappointed as they challenged one another to face bowlers from best countries in international cricket while the match was underway. Despite the batsmen whacking the ball within the simulator, the onlookers also were a key part of the entertainment. We saw friends commentating for one another, some motivating them while others sledging them, all in all they seemed to enjoy every second of it.


After such a successful event, we were glad to find out that we contributed a small part of the £30,000 that was collected during that day for such a great cause. We are thankful to the Lord’s Taverner’s and Centre Point for giving us the opportunity to visit the Home of Cricket and hope to work with them in the near future again.


Have a sneak peak at some of the moments of the day in the video below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our Youtube, FacebookInstagram and Twitter page so we can keep entertaining you.

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