New Baseball Simulator PITCHLINE is launched

August 23, 2018
BATFAST has announced a rebrand to become The Sports Simulator Company. This move is because we want to increase participation in all sports, not just cricket. As a result, we have launched PITCHLINE. This is an innovative baseball simulator aiming to get more people in the UK playing baseball. PITCHLINE will sit alongside BATFAST as sub-brands for The Sports Simulator Company. There are also plans to target further sports in the future.  

How Pitchline works:

The simulators feature a selection of game modes for both entertainment and training purposes, in which a fully customisable pitcher will be shown on a giant screen. Users can face up to 6 pitches per minute. Our simulators also offer an autonomous experience, the speed and direction of the pitches can be modified using a smartphone or tablet which is connected to the simulator via WiFi. This makes it suitable for all users, which is vital as we want everyone to enjoy playing sport. User needs are also met by the option to use soft or hard balls. PITCHLINE simulators also offer HD instant replay, ball tracking and session data technology with the aim of helping users improve their skills as they play.    

Development of the simulator:

The simulator has been in development for over a year and utilises some of the core technology used in the BATFAST cricket simulator. Sports Simulator Company co-founder Runish Gudkha comments: “We have meticulously designed and engineered the baseball simulator to provide an experience unlike any other available on the market. The timeless research and consultation with experts in the sport has allowed us to build on the fundamental technology that we have developed and build an accurate representation of what it would be like to face baseball pitches of varying speed, height and direction. We’re excited at being able to deliver an immersive baseball experience suitable for both events and performance training.”  

Testing at SLUGGERS:

The technology for PITCHLINE has been tested at SLUGGERS through one of our clients Social Fun and Games Club. SLUGGERS is in its second year as London’s only rooftop batting cage experience. It has proved to be a consistently popular attraction for Social Fun and Games Club in Stratford. Check out the baseball simulator in action here Follow PITCHLINE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @pitchlinebaseball

Why you should consider using a cricket simulator for training

August 14, 2018
Lots of batsmen find typical net sessions frustrating. When training with their clubs there is usually several problems. For example, the quality of deliveries from bowlers can be erratic and the time allowed at the crease is limited. This can lead to a lack of quality practice which is needed to improve your game. On the other hand, training with a cricket simulator is a way to make sure you have the best chance of developing your batting skills.  

Quality of bowling:

A key problem with a normal net session as a batsman is that you are reliant upon the quality of the bowlers. To improve your game, you must face deliveries that test your batting ability. Unfortunately, this happens rarely with the majority of net sessions. It is common for bowlers to either have a poor attitude to practice or just not have the ability to test your batting. There is nothing worse than the limited time you get in the net being wasted by wide balls that you won’t hit.   However, this can be overcome by training with a cricket simulator. Simulators allow full control over line and length. This gives a batsman peace of mind that all deliveries will pitch perfectly to where they are set. Furthermore, if a batsman has a weakness; such as facing swing bowling this can be practised efficiently when using a simulator. All deliveries can be set to have in or outswing, so a batsman has the best opportunity possible to work on their technique and improve their game. Batsman won't get this opportunity in net sessions where bowlers struggle to swing the ball with consistency and pace. Therefore, if a batsman wants to improve their game they should consider using a cricket simulator; to ensure a high quality of bowling against them.  

More practice opportunities:

Another benefit of having a simulator available is the flexibility it gives you with your time. In the modern-day world, it feels like there is less free time now than ever before, therefore what you do with this time is crucial. If you are serious about your cricket training and want to make it to the top, then you need to find a way to practice more than the competition. However, it is sometimes impossible to get this extra practice as a batsman because you require bowlers to be available and willing to practise with you. But this is changing, simulators can be used individually so whenever you are free you can put the hours into mastering your batting, to become the player you dream of.  


Video Replays:

Cricket simulators also offer you the chance to video yourself batting. With simulator installations at BATFAST, there is the option of a mounted camera with 1080p resolution. This means you can watch yourself back through HD video replays to get a better look at your technique. Therefore you can easily identify weaknesses, then train to correct them. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to gain this footage in a normal net session as you would require a designated cameraman. Whereas with a simulator the camera can be mounted on the machine. This allows individual practice which means whenever you have the time to play you can be filmed. Thus using a simulator with a camera installed is an easy way to spot weaknesses in your batting technique, to help you improve.   In summary, cricket simulators can help to improve the quality of practice and the amount of practice you get as a batsman. The quality improves as deliveries don't have any human error like normal net sessions. And the amount of practice increases as a batsman can train individually rather than needing to find bowlers willing to train with them. Therefore if you are looking to take your batting to the next level you should consider using a cricket simulator for training.

BATFAST Cricket Simulators Double Event at Derbyshire CCC and Durham CCC

August 9, 2018
Yesterday two separate BATFAST teams headed North for Vitality Blast fixtures at Derbyshire CCC and Durham CCC. The Derbyshire Falcons faced the Northamptonshire Steelbacks while the Durham Jets hosted the Leicestershire Foxes. The fan zones were as busy as ever, with high attendances at both games. Our events team loves Vitality Blast fixtures where fans are passionate about their county side and enjoy getting involved in batting for themselves on our simulator.  

Match Report: Derbyshire Falcons Vs Northants Steelbacks

Derbyshire won the toss and decided to bat first in what proved to be a high scoring game. Godelman led the charge opening with 77 runs from 55 balls. His effort was helped by Madsen who hit 38 from just 21 at a strike rate over 180. Derbyshire finished on 177-6. This total created scoreboard pressure for Northants who would have to score at nine runs per over to win. However, Derbyshire struggled to take wickets in the run chase. This allowed Duckett and Cobb to strike 41 and 73 respectively.  Northants also benefitted from 15 extras. Overall they chased the target down with ten balls to spare, finishing 179-3. This will be a huge relief for Northants as it was their first victory of the tournament. By contrast, the Derbyshire Falcons currently lie 5th, one place outside the top four that qualify for the quarter-final, so the next few games will be crucial. The Batfast team will once again be at Derbyshire this Saturday when they take on the Leicestershire Foxes at home.  

Match Report: Durham Jets Vs Leicestershire Foxes

Durham batted first and posted a score of 156-6. This was thanks to a number of contributions from batsmen in the team. A particular highlight was opener Latham who converted his start into a half-century. He scored 52 runs from 48 balls striking four boundaries. Parkinson recorded the best bowling figures for the foxes with 1-16. In reply to 156-6 Leicestershire got off to a bad start. None of the top three batsmen scored double figures, which made the run chase an uphill battle. Durham had Rimmington to thank for this who took three wickets in the match. Leicestershire finished on 142-6. This was 14 runs short but they wouldn't have got close to Durham's total if it was not for Ackermann who hit 74 and can be proud of his efforts. The match leaves Durham top of the North group having won four from their last four home matches. If you want to try our simulator again then don't worry as Batfast will be back at the Emirates Riverside on Sunday, where Durham face the Lancashire Lightning. Fans also have the chance to win a holiday to Dubai thanks to Emirates

Q&A with Head of Events at BATFAST – Jack Roddick

July 24, 2018
The nature of BATFAST cricket events has changed considerably since 2015 when we first started. I recently held a question and answer session with the current head of events at BATFAST, Jack Roddick, to find out more about this exciting journey.  

Question: Tell me about yourself?

  Answer: I am a graduate of Loughborough University and have worked for BATFAST for two years. I have been involved in the events business for around seven years.  

Question: How have the BATFAST events changed over the last few years?

  Answer: When we first began our events were focused on assessing our product's potential. They acted as market research for us. From this, we found that there was a gap in the market for the products and services we offer. The number of events we do has also changed. In 2016 we only had five paid events. Last year this increased to forty-five, and over the course of this summer, we should complete just over a hundred!  

Question: What is your favourite part of doing events with BATFAST?

  Answer: Every job is different, different venues and different people always keep it interesting. The ability to help promote participation in sport through technology is particularly rewarding.  

Question: What type of events do we currently offer?

  Answer: As the simulator is so versatile we offer a whole range of events, anything from schools, charities, communities, professional clubs, international fixtures, shopping centres, birthday parties, town centres.  

Question: What is the most unusual event that someone has inquired about?

  Answer: There was one on an island in the River Thames!  

Question: Looking forward how do you see BATFAST events changing in the future?

  Answer: Our vision as a company is to increase participation across all sports not just cricket which is something I am very passionate about. As a team, we have moved into baseball and are hoping to start tennis in the near future. The prospects of this alongside cricket is very exciting. For a list of our future events, this summer click here.

BATFAST Cricket Simulators events at Rochester Castle and the Emirates Riverside

July 23, 2018
Last Friday two BATFAST events team travelled across the country to continue the busy summer season. One team headed south for the annual Medway Mile in Kent while another went north to Durham for their Vitality Blast fixture against the Worcestershire Rapids.  

Medway Mile at Rochester Castle

The Medway Mile is a free mass participation event, with loads of activities to get involved with. This included rock climbing, tennis, and for the first time the BATFAST cricket simulator. This was the eleventh Medway Mile and the event appears to be going from strength to strength every year, with thousands of participants. Rochester Castle was the perfect venue for the event. The Great Keep was particularly eye catching, standing at over 100ft high. The Castle has been very well preserved. Especially when considering construction began nearly a thousand years ago. Overall the event was a great success and we hope that we have inspired some of the participants to participate in sports like cricket more regularly.   

Durham Jets Vs Worcestershire Rapids

This fixture was made even more exciting by the ECB's announcement that England stars Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali were available for selection. Durham won the toss and sent Worcestershire into bat. The visitors would have been seeking a high total, particularly with Moeen Ali, Martin Guptill and Travis Head in the line up. However they were bowled out for a below par 121. This was thanks to some excellent bowling from man of the match Stokes with figures of 4-16. South African international Imran Tahir, also contributed 2-20. Durham chased the target down comfortably. Clark and Stokes opened the batting and both looked in excellent touch. Clark was the only batsmen to pass fifty in the match and Stokes blasted a quick fire 43. Durham reached the target in under 15 overs. This result leaves them second in the North Group, in a very strong position to reach the quarter finals.  Our next event in Durham is Saturday 28th July. This is for a Vitality Blast match against a strong looking Notts Outlaws side. We hope to see you there.    

BATFAST cricket simulators at Emirates Old Trafford for Lancashire Vs Derbyshire

July 17, 2018
Last Saturday our events team visited Emirates Old Trafford, where they set up one of our unique cricket simulators. This was part of the T20 fan zone for the Vitality Blast match against the Derbyshire Falcons. This was a great day to be involved in with the weather reaching 25 degrees and two good T20 teams on show. Our simulator delivered almost 800 deliveries throughout the day.
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BATFAST cricket simulators triple Vitality Blast matches Friday 13th July 2018

BATFAST travelled across the country last Friday to set up our world-class cricket simulators. Our events team visited three separate venues for Vitality Blast matches, in Sussex, Durham and Worcestershire. Worcestershire also hosted an England physical disability IT20 against a Pakistan - Bangladesh select, prior to their domestic T20 fixture.
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BATFAST cricket simulators three events in one day

BATFAST travelled across the country last Sunday to set up our world-class cricket simulators. One team travelled to Lancashire for a Vitality Blast match against the Northamptonshire Steelbacks. A separate team travelled to Derbyshire for another Vitality Blast match, against the Worcestershire Rapids. And a third team visited Essex for the Newham Fun Fair. The weather was excellent at every location making it a great day for all involved.
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Batfast Cricket Simulators at Funholics: Emporium Mall Lahore 2018

July 2, 2018
BATFAST Cricket Simulator co-founders Runish Gudhka and Jignesh Patel recently travelled to Pakistan, for the launch of two new lanes at Funholics. The launch took place within the Emporium Mall Lahore. This mall is currently the second largest in Pakistan (170,000 m2). Funholics seek to create memorable experiences. This makes them the perfect partner for Batfast who aim to increase participation and enjoyment in sport.
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