Bedford River Festival 2016

July 20, 2016
A festival like no other! We were so lucky to be a part of Bedford's biggest and best event. Bedford River Festival boasted a crowd of at least 300,000 people over the 2 days this year. More than 50,000 from the same event that happened two years ago. The great weather definitely complimented the fun activities that were on show for the festival.
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Batfast Cricket Simulator at Queen\s Street Party

Queen’s 90th Cricket Street Festival

June 15, 2016
Festivals, Pop Up
On 9th June 2016, we were part of the event that celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday at the Thame, in Oxford. It was held by the Manoj Parmar Cricket Academy and we were glad to be a big part of the event. Despite the cloudy and rainy forecast, the fans of the sport did not disappoint with their presence as they came out in numbers to cheer the young lads who played gully (street) cricket. Manoj Parmar, who has previously played for the Indian National team and is the founder of MP Sports Cricket Academy was the brains of this event and no one was let down.
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